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Beware The Epoxy Flooring Services Scam

Con artists know that epoxy flooring services are popular around the country, and they might try to take advantage of homeowners by offering epoxy floor coating deals in your area. You might even get a coupon in the mail or see an ad for epoxy flooring in your newspaper. But when you call it’s often too good to be true.

Scammers can make epoxy look like a terrific deal, but you get what you pay for and epoxy coating is expensive. If the price sounds unbelievably low it’s probably too good to be true. People who offer epoxy flooring services pretty much all charge around $0.45 per foot of coverage, no matter how cheap their epoxy coating prices are. Prices that sound too good to be true probably are. Read more here!

How epoxy scam works

They will need a check from you before they can start epoxy flooring installation, but there’s often a catch. They might tell you that you have to order at least 10 or 20 square feet of epoxy flooring before they can start epoxy flooring installation. This is to prevent you from canceling your order, but it’s only a temporary measure because if you cancel before epoxy flooring installation starts that epoxy coating has to be sent back at their cost which means no money for them. So what happens is the scammers say the epoxy coating is on back order and you have to wait a few days, but they can start epoxy flooring installation with the epoxy coating that’s in stock. Then after epoxy flooring installation starts it gets canceled so there’s no money out of their pocket for epoxy flooring that had to be sent back or has been installed. Or they might arrange epoxy flooring installation work in a house or commercial building if you have already purchased a property, and then the epoxy floor coating is bad so they tell you they made a mistake and it can’t be fixed to look nice.

How to avoid epoxy scam

The Federal Trade Commission has been trying hard to put an epoxy coating scam epoxy coating business out of action. The epoxy coating scam epoxy business was offering epoxy flooring deals that were just too good to be true, and then after you put a deposit on epoxy flooring or placed an order for epoxy flooring they closed the epoxy coating business down only to open a new epoxy flooring epoxy coating business under a different name. This is called epoxy scam epoxy coating, and it’s not very fair for epoxy customers or epoxy scammers because epoxy scam epoxy coating will go out of business again when the FTC catches up with them.

The epoxy scam epoxy coating company was epoxy scam epoxy coating all over the country and it’s a good idea to get epoxy flooring price epoxy quotes from epoxy flooring services in your area before making epoxy flooring decisions. The epoxy scam epoxy coating business was scammed by their own epoxy supplier, and they spent weeks trying to get money for epoxy flooring epoxy coating from epoxy suppliers that were epoxy scam epoxy coating too.

Epoxy scam epoxy suppliers will do anything to get money for epoxy flooring epoxy coatings because they have a lot of overhead running the epoxy scam epoxy business, and if they don’t make any epoxy coating sales epoxy scam epoxy coating goes out of epoxy business. So they’re always epoxy scam epoxy coating people for epoxy flooring services and epoxy scam epoxy suppliers will do anything to get money from their epoxy coating customers, even if that means sending a fake bill or invoice for epoxy flooring epoxy coating.

The epoxy scam epoxy suppliers are even epoxy scam epoxy suppliers with local epoxy discounts epoxy suppliers, although it’s better to call around for epoxy flooring prices epoxy quotes before making an epoxy flooring decision. Many scammers are just trying to get money from epoxy customers epoxy scam epoxy suppliers are scammed by their own epoxy supplier, and they spent weeks trying to get money for epoxy flooring epoxy coatings from epoxy suppliers that were epoxy scam epoxy suppliers.

Where Do Taxes Come From

In case you’re similar to most entrepreneurs, you’re continually searching for ways to decrease your tax liability. One approach to do this is to exploit as many business tax deductions as you can. The rundown of these deductions is extensive, and knowing which things are on that rundown is the acceptable groundwork for meeting with your tax preparer (and we encourage you to utilize one) at tax time. 

In this way, prior to talking with your Bentleigh Accountants & Tax Advisors about the tax rates, you ought to likewise know the tax deductions that you meet all requirements for as demonstrated below: 

Home Office 

Have you turned an extra room in your home or loft into a home office space? Good news! That implies you’ll most likely have the option to deduct costs for the business utilization of your home, which incorporates mortgage interest, insurance, utilities, repairs, and depreciation. The simplified form of this deduction permits entrepreneurs to deduct $5 for each square foot of your home office, up to a limit of 300 square feet. 

Be that as it may, it’s essential to remember the government possibly permits you to claim this deduction if your home office is utilized solely for business purposes consistently. On the off chance that your home office serves as a visitor space for your mother when she’s visiting the area, that won’t fly. 

Work-Related Travel Expenses 

All costs identified with business travel can be written off at tax time, including airfare, hotels, rental vehicle costs, tips, dry cleaning, dinners, and then some. You can reference your government’s site for a full rundown of deductible business travel costs. To qualify as work-related travel, your journey must meet the accompanying conditions: 

  • The trip must be important to your business. 
  • The outing must remove you from your tax home, for example, the city or region where your organization directs its business. 
  • You should travel away from your tax home for longer than a typical workday and it must expect you to rest or sleep on route. 

Internet and Phone Bills 

Whether or not you claim the home office deduction, you can deduct your business telephone, fax, and internet costs. The key is to deduct just the costs straightforwardly identified with your business. In the event that you have only one telephone, you shouldn’t deduct your whole month to month bill, which incorporates both individual and business use. You should just deduct costs that explicitly identify with your business.

On the off chance that you have a second telephone line that you use solely for business, however, you can deduct 100% of that cost. By a similar token, you would just deduct your month to month internet costs with respect to the amount of your time online is identified with business—maybe 25% to half. 

Advertising And Marketing 

There’s uplifting news with regard to marketing and advertising costs. Not exclusively are these costs 100% deductible, but the rundown of admissible deductions is long. 

That rundown incorporates (however isn’t restricted to) the expense of a business logo design, printing (e.g., business cards or pamphlets), on the web and print advertisement space, web design/creation, social media marketing efforts, event sponsorship and promotional mailings for existing and potential clients. 

However, you can’t deduct any expenditures you incurred to support a political campaign or function in your business’ name. 

Most independent venture tax deductions are more complex than this short review portrays—we are discussing the tax code, all things considered—however, now you have a decent prologue to the fundamentals.

A Homeowner’s Guide To Hiring Professional Tree Cutting Services

Choosing to hire a professional tree cutting service can be incredibly beneficial when it comes time for certain maintenance procedures. If you have ever done any type of work on your trees, you know that it can be quite dangerous if not executed properly. 

man in blue jacket and blue denim jeans standing on yellow and black metal post during

There are many ways in which the process of choosing to hire a professional, like tree amigos Perth, may benefit you depending on what specific job needs to be completed.

When hiring professional tree cutters, there are several things you will need to consider before finalizing the plan. It is important that you carefully read over this guide before approaching anyone with an offer or contract agreement. By keeping some key points in mind, your decision making will become much easier and save you both time and money!

Below are 5 key points to consider before hiring a professional tree cutting service.

  1. Reputation 

It is extremely important to check to make sure that the company you choose has a likable and reputable name within their community. This way, if there is ever any type of problem with your job or interactions with others, they can be held responsible for their actions and words. By checking out the reputation of the company you are considering, gives you peace of mind when making such an important choice! 

  1. Insurance Coverage

 It is extremely important to only hire a professional tree cutting service that has a hefty amount of insurance coverage available for unexpected accidents. Most of the time, if a contractor does not have at least a million dollars in liability insurance it is best to continue your search elsewhere! If you do decide on going with someone who typically works without this type of coverage, there are still options you can take care of these concerns.

  1. Experience 

In addition to checking out what type of insurance coverage they have available, looking into how long they have been operating will give you an idea as to their level of experience.

Professionals who have been down this road dozens or hundreds of times before knowing which procedures work best and some of the pitfalls associated with certain types of maintenance. Depending on what your exact job is, hiring someone with extensive experience in this field may save you time and money! 

  1. Training 

When performing any type of service-related work it is extremely important to find out who exactly will be completing your task. If multiple people are coming simply for the sake of being extra hands, you are most likely wasting your time and money even if everything else lines up perfectly.

A general rule of thumb when choosing a professional tree cutting service is that they must have trained employees operating at all times during your project. If not, additional costs may apply to bring in workers who have been properly vetted through their company training program. 

  1. Personal Style

When hiring professional tree cutters, it is important to find someone who not only can provide you with the best service possible, but also meshes well with your style. If you are not big on fancy talk and just want someone who gets the job done no matter what, this type of attitude should be exemplified through the tree cutting professionals they hire.

In addition, if you prefer a more roundabout way of getting things done instead of a straightforward approach, make sure that this matches up as well. Lastly, checking out what type of work they have been doing most recently can give you great insight into their preferred methodologies for achieving goals!


5 Tips To Avoid Failure In Tree Services

If you are looking to hire a tree service company it is important to be prepared for all the steps involved.  Before hiring any company, make sure that they have experience, proper licensing, insurance coverage and excellent customer reviews.  When getting prices from different companies do your research so you are not being overcharged or undercharged.

green leaf tree on shore

Companies can fail for various reasons but here are 5 trees services tips to avoid failure in finding one:

  1. Over Pricing

Make sure that they charge about the same as everyone else if not less.  There are too many factors affecting the cost of any project to justify charging more than their competitors especially for something like this where there is no tangible product receiving special treatment. It’s unethical to charge more just because you can, so make sure they are not trying to pull one over on you.

  1. Under Estimating

Make sure that the company will meet all your needs and be able to do the job correctly.  Some unlicensed workers might cut corners or try to skimp on materials to save money, but this could also mean a lower quality product which is why it’s so important for them to have experience and licensing. So before hiring anyone research their licensing information and talk with previous clients if possible.

  1. Bad Customer Service

This is especially true when dealing with customer service reps at any company who answer calls/emails since this is who you will be talking to of the time during the process of hiring and working with the company. Make sure that they answer in a timely fashion, are polite and professional when talking to you and try their best to make you happy if anything goes wrong.

  1. Low-Quality End Products

Almost all tree services companies will work very hard to make sure your end product is perfect even if it means taking longer or spending more money on certain materials. This is why choosing a reputable company with experienced workers is so important since they know how to get the best results from what resources they have available at their disposal.

They should also warranty all of their products for at least one year after completion of any project involving their material being used since this is how you know that they stand behind the quality of their products.

  1. Lying Or Not Including Everything

Make sure that the company will cover all of your needs and not push any responsibility onto you or another company to make a quick buck.  They should also be willing to include everything in the price quote, anything extra should come with an explanation as to why it is needed and what exactly it is for.

If they don’t give you a full detailed list of every cost associated with the project then this is likely something you shouldn’t risk dealing with since they might end up pulling further unnecessary costs on you later when it’s already too late to back out.

You can avoid these failures by checking each item off this list before hiring them and hopefully you will have better luck than most people do when looking for a tree service company.


The Impacts Of Tax Accountants To Your Businesses

Accounting is a process of recording, classifying and analyzing business transactions. It is a fundamental part of any organization as it helps keep track of the money involved in the processes and ensures compliance with government regulations concerning finance.

To have an organized record system for tax purposes, many companies hire professional accountants who know how to gather all relevant documents from various departments within the company as well as prepare for audits by regulatory agencies.

black smartphone near person

So why should you hire a tax accountant? Here are some reasons:

1. A tax accountant is well organized and can keep track of your financial documents. This person knows where all the necessary documents are to be kept and can easily locate them whenever you need them. They also know what information should go in which file, making it easier for you when you come to prepare your business reports.

2. A tax accountant will ensure that all transactions within your business are recorded accurately so that there are no discrepancies between bank statements, customer invoices, supplier bills, accounting ledgers etc.

3. A good accountant will help you monitor cash flow to stop situations where sales are not being reported or expenses are being hidden from management resulting in losses for the company. An experienced tax accountant will have systems in place to manage the flow of money.

4. It is good to have someone who will be able to anticipate any potential business problems as a result of tax law changes and keep you informed if there is going to be a change that might affect your business or require additional bookkeeping.

5. You can always rely on a tax accountant for professional advice on various aspects of your organization’s financial management such as current legislation, payment of taxes etc. An experienced person in this field will also be aware of industry norms and standards, giving you an idea of what is expected from the accounting department within your company.

This helps create high standards for employees who are assigned tasks related to finance management, thus ensuring greater control over these processes throughout all levels of the company hierarchy.

6. As a business owner, you may be too busy to keep track of all your accounts and books, or might not have the necessary knowledge to get started. A tax accountant can take care of this for you so that you focus on the core operations of the business.

All you need to do is tell him/her what your financial objectives are and they will prepare a strategy for how these should be met by performing activities such as preparing annual budgets for submission to top management and creating reports and analyses that can help with decision making.

7. An accountant who specializes in taxation will know just which portion of your salary constitutes ‘salary or wages’ and must therefore be declared as part of taxable income. They also know which expenses you can claim as tax deductions. This is to your benefit because if you do not declare income that is taxable or fail to deduct expenses, the government will come asking for their money back – and you don’t want that!

An accountant can prove to be an invaluable member of your business team. Having someone in this position who uses professional skills and knowledge rather than simply making entries in ledgers contributes to the success of the business in many ways. There are different types of accountants; choose one who has experience with your industry so they know what works best in your specific case. 


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