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Why Diamonds Have Become A Preferred Choice For Engagement?

None have actually been able to accomplish the awe-inspiring aura of a diamond. No wonder that it is by far, the most popular type of engagement ring. Everyone values a shimmering diamond as a symbol of engagement and psychological bond between 2 soulmates. 

Diamond ring

Why Has Diamond End Up Been A Popular Option?

Many of us do not know, however many decades back, diamonds were not used for jewellery. Earlier, they were utilized as decor pieces and as spiritual objects to keep evil spirits at bay. Later on, scientists found its recovery residential or commercial properties. It was just countless years ago diamonds got into the jewellery market and gradually it became a custom to propose to your sweetheart with a diamond ring. Earlier, it was reserved for just upper-class citizens, but now, its cost has enhanced its outreach.

There are other metals from which engagement rings can be made, but they are generally thought-about far less romantically. Diamond is a sign of pride, love and love. Previously, the women were provided gold rings by the spouses to wear in the house and now the tradition has actually evolved for better, in favour of diamonds. 

Diamond Buying Suggestions

Following is a recap of purchasing ideas discovered throughout the Diamond Education Guide. Utilize these pointers alone, or in combination with the detailed guide above. Are Costco diamonds good? Check my blog.

Shape Buying Tips

Many people who get diamonds as a present or for an engagement have a shape choice. While other elements (such as cost and quality) need to be identified by the buyer, the option of shape must consist of input from the receiver of the diamond, if at all possible. This is particularly true for elegant shape engagement diamonds.

Unless a particular choice has been revealed, consider a round diamond. Round diamonds tend to have more sparkle and scintillation than other shapes, they accommodate nearly any ring setting, and never head out of style.

The length to width ratio has a significant effect on the shape of an expensive diamond. Every Diamond is shown in its correct length to width ratio so that you can easily see the distinction between diamonds of the very same shape (e.g. a narrow vs. a fat marquise, or a square vs. a rectangular princess cut). If you are not sure about your preferences, look for a shape you like, and then see diamonds of various length to width ratios within that shape till you find what you like. Focus your search on diamonds that are within roughly 10% of your ideal length to width ratio (e.g. if you decide that your perfect radiant cut diamond has a 1.50 L/W ratio, focus your search on radiants between 1.35 and 1.65).

Reasons For Choosing A Diamond

There are numerous reasons that people do select a diamond for their engagement ring. The following are just three reasons some individuals choose a diamond.

  • Hardness– A diamond will stand up to wear, keeping the faceting and high polish for a lifetime. For this reason, many antique diamonds are re-circulated to this day and some are even re-cut into many better-proportioned variations. The everlasting nature also reflects upon the symbolic permanence of a couple’s relationship. A diamond ring will also hold up against everyday wear to a greater degree.
  • Fire– There are few stones that have the exceptional fire produced by a diamond. The round brilliant, when proportioned to provide a great or outstanding cut, produces fire and brilliance as light refracts and reflects out of the stone.
  • Value– Diamonds trade on an around the world market and bring extremely particular worths. Both rough and sleek diamonds will bring intrinsic value. As soon as cut and polished, a diamond’s value lies within four aspects. The colour (or brightness) the clearness, the cut, and the carat weight of the stone. Although there are levels of worth (trade, retail selling price and value for insurance) a diamond will keep its worth, will not perish, will not decay and for some, purchasing diamonds proves far safer than investing with a financial institution.
  • Rate– For some the expense of an engagement ring itself represents a gesture of commitment. Whether the ring purchase comes out of finance or saved for, lots of feels that the modern custom of acquiring an important engagement ring as a vital part of revealing dedication, partnering for life.
  • The neutrality of Colour– This may not seem an obvious reason for a diamond ring, but used daily, with a complete variety of clothing colours, a white diamond will be neutral to a particular level against a diverse closet of colour. Integrated with the brightness of Palladium, White or platinum Gold, regardless of the value, belief and function, the ring remains an accessory used day-to-day. Much like the colour of metal which ends up being a consideration, the colour of the stone must be well considered.


As the largest online diamond seller, Blue Nile uses the largest collection of the world’s finest cut diamonds. Pre-selected for remarkable quality, the cut, colour, and clarity of our loose diamonds are examined based on a standardized grading scale. Also, each loose diamond is accompanied by a grading report from either GIA, AGSL, or GemEx, independent diamond grading labs with stringent grading and accreditation guidelines.

What’s The Best Diamond Shape?

Over three-quarters of all diamond engagement rings feature round dazzling diamonds. They are exceptionally popular, due mostly to their intense fire and lustre. The reflection and refraction of light are increased in this cut, and as such, they are among the most sparkling and spectacular shapes. Round diamonds are versatile, lovely and ageless, so they are also a good option if you doubt what your fiancée may like.

You might like to attempt a fancy-shaped diamond. Not only are these a unique and intriguing choice, but they are also substantially less expensive– around 40% less expensive typically.

You might desire to look at a princess, cushion or radiant cuts if you are in wonder of the great lustre provided by round cuts. Princess-cut diamonds are similarly proportioned to round cuts but are crafted into a square shape that provides a modern edge that looks gorgeous in a striking setting. Cushion-cut diamonds are a bit more standard, with their trademark softened edges– they are a great choice if you are considering a classic design. Glowing diamonds combine the stylish rectangle shape of an emerald cut with the multi-faceted sparkle of a round diamond.


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