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What Are The Intelligent Features Of The Kyocera Tasklfa Fabric Management Solution?

What Are The Intelligent Features Of The Kyocera Tasklfa Fabric Management Solution?

The Kyocera TASKafy call us Platinum Review is all about the new additions that are being added to the popular TASKafy series. These additions have helped make the TASKafy series one of the best in the industry. The new series has come to offer the most advanced technology needed to maintain your important data secure while maximizing workflows. With this in mind, the TASKafy series has an intuitive control panel and several security upgrades. As your business continues to expand, having an efficient storage management solution that meets all of your storage needs is critical to ensuring that you can stay ahead of the competition.


In this review I will take a closer look at the four additional intelligent features in the Tasksafe TASKafy Platinum. Each of these features provides the user with additional benefits that make them easier to use while increasing productivity. They are Auto Manager, Smartscan, Recovery Scan and Recovery Copy. These four features work together to give you the best chance of keeping your servers running efficiently while making sure that your users always have access to their information.


With the Kyocera taskalfa 3554ci series, you can have advanced security measures that are ever changing. You will never be caught off guard by the most basic of threats. The user interface has been designed to make it extremely intuitive for even the most inexperienced of networkers. This makes it very easy for any person, no matter what their level of experience, to manage their servers. There is even an intuitive audit feature that allows you to monitor the health of your servers in real time. There is no need to worry about ever changing software or protocols when you use the Kyocera Taskalfa series.

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