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Tips For Handmade Yoga Statues

Handmade Yoga Statues are often used in conjunction with practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to encourage contemplation, focus on beauty, or inspire an atmosphere of tranquillity. 

Yogis who practice on handmade yoga statues may also do so while praying for world peace or meditating on life’s bigger questions. It can be helpful to think about what yogis hope to accomplish when selecting the right type of handmade yoga statue for their personal use or spiritual goals.

macro photography of black ceramic Gautama Buddha miniature

     The following tips can help yogis choose the perfect handmade Yoga Statues:

  • Size matters – some people prefer smaller statues while others enjoy larger pieces; consider where you will place your statue when selecting its size. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is often best to choose a statue that is proportional to the amount of space you have. 

If you are seeking to set the mood, consider placing your handmade Yoga Statues on an altar or in a central spot where meditation will take place.

  • Decide what your intent is – some people buy statues for their energy while others buy them for decorative purposes; if you are considering buying yoga statues as decoration, focus on choosing colours and shapes that appeal to you.

Additionally, it may be really helpful to choose a specific colour of handmade Yoga Statues that corresponds with the type of practice or meditation session taking place. 

For example, many yogis use white statues during spiritual ceremonies like marriages of funerals while orange ones are often used during meditations

     If considering purchasing handmade Yoga Statues as an aid for your meditation or yoga sessions, you may want to:

  • Consider choosing a handmade Yoga Statue of a specific god or goddess figure. Although no one can be certain that statues of Hindu deities represent real people from ancient history, they are often used in meditations because they symbolize concepts thought to help yogis focus on their practice. 

For example, some yogis visualize themselves as different gods during meditations to encourage feelings of selflessness and admiration. Although these symbols do not have any meaning beyond their use in meditation, the idea is that by focusing on them, people can improve their own lives and make positive changes within themselves.

  • Select a handmade Yoga Statue with a sense of harmony – most statues of Hindu gods feature arms, legs, and heads that are all in the same proportion. It can be helpful to choose a statue whose limbs complement each other to create an overall sense of balance. 

Additionally, consider choosing one with symbolic objects like prayer beads or bowls; these items can also act as symbols of meditation.

  • Seek out artisans – handmade Yoga Statues (and especially those made by little known artists) often hold strong messages about life and spirituality that cannot easily be found elsewhere. 

These messages may not even appear on your statue – they may instead come through during meditations or when praying for positive changes in yourself or your community. 

Handmade Yoga Statues are usually best purchased at fairs where you can speak directly with their creators and get a sense of their underlying messages. At these events, you can also ask questions that help you understand the people who will be using your statue and the items that inspired them to create it.

These tips should help yogis choose the perfect handmade Yoga Statues to suit their spiritual needs and work best with their practices. Handmade Yoga Statues are not limited by any rules; if one allows you to focus better or encourages changes in yourself and your community, then its purpose is fulfilled.

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