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Printing Brokers

The role of print brokers in the commercial printing world is a little-known fact. Their role varies from a simple salesperson who calls up customers to discuss printing needs, to a full-fledged commercial printer who not only helps to design and print business cards but also handles all printing needs of a company. Many printers will have a preferred arrangement with print brokers and this can mean that you receive professional advice on every aspect of your commercial printing needs. This advice can be priceless if you are just starting out in the commercial printing business, because even the most seasoned printer will spend a significant amount of time speaking to a print broker in order to find the best way for his/her company to print.

What is a Print Broker or Print Management Company.

print brokers


Some print brokers will only deal with a select group of commercial printing companies and the terms of these agreements will often depend on their own network of business contacts, while other print brokers may deal with any printer they like (and some may not deal with any at all!). Your choice really depends upon how much time and effort you are willing to invest in finding the right print broker. For example, some print brokers work exclusively with major corporations, so if you are a corporation, you might prefer to work with them instead of individuals. However, if you do happen to work with an individual printer, you will likely need to shop around a bit to find a broker who can provide the kind of services you need at the best possible price. Often, it pays to use a combination of several print brokers, as they can offer you a better price and more options than any single one can.

Of course, your choice of print broker will also have a lot to do with whether or not you have a good enough relationship with him/her to make it worthwhile. If you run into issues during the course of your printing needs that are beyond your control, but you are already working with a printer, you may want to try working with a different print company. You will still need to maintain good communications with your printer to make sure that everything is going smoothly, but you will have a better chance of working with a good printer if you have already developed a working relationship. That said, if you do feel as though your relationship with the person or company that sent you the print job doesn’t quite work out, there are other options available, including working with another business to take care of your printing needs.

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