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Mobile Dog Groomer

Mobile Dog Groomer

Mobile Dog Groomers is convenient. Most people love their dogs, but they often don’t like having to physically drag them to the grooming salon all the time. If you enjoy animals and you have the special ability to put them at ease in a relaxing environment, you too can bring the luxury of a mobile grooming service right into the customers front door. When you own your own mobile dog grooming business, you’ll be bringing this type of personal service to your customers.


Imagine having an airport lounge complete with a mobile dog groomer, grooming chairs, nail clippers, scissors, brushes and combs. Your customers don’t have to worry about where they’re going to go when they come to get their dogs groomed. Instead, they can simply pick up their puppies or their canines from your office and head straight to their vehicle. With an indoor/outdoor facility, you could also set up a small table outside for them to eat and relax while they wait on their appointment. You wouldn’t have to spend hours away from your business in order to groom dogs on a regular basis.


The next time you plan on visiting a local groomer, consider offering your mobile dog groomer services. Not only will you increase your business by bringing in an in-house groomer, but you will also make life easier for the customer. Pet owners love animals, and they appreciate the extra service a professional groomer can provide. If everyone has to worry about where they’re going to get their dogs groomed, there won’t be nearly as many pets left at the shelter or in the pound. That’s not a good scenario for anyone involved, including the animal. If you offer your services in addition to grooming services, you will likely have clients that will contact you more often in the future, simply because they know you’re one of the best mobile dog groomers around.

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