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Intune Logistics – Make sure to find good professionals

In order to maximize the benefits of your parcel audit, make sure to find good professionals. For your convenience, find a company that can provide both manual and automatic parcel audits Intune Logistics. Manual audits are cheaper but don’t give you as much detailed information. Automatic audits, however, can detect discrepancies easier and faster. Both options provide great opportunities to save a company a lot of money by making sure that they are getting the best service.

Intune Logistics – Getting the best service

Another great reason to hire an auditor to review your documents is because they can claim refunds for those items that were incorrectly charged. There are times when a customer will complain about an item being charged two times the amount it should have cost. In these situations, a manual audit cannot distinguish these charges, which means that the company will have to pay out on the wrong item. Likewise, with incorrect charges, it can take months for the company to resolve these issues, which means that you’ll have to spend more time and money sending out claim refunds. By having an auditor look over your documents, you can get the refund money quickly.

Some companies may not always get into Parcel Audit for every shipment, which means that you’ll need to purchase a special Rate Audit report. The report analyzes all of your shipping invoices and finds any incorrect charges or other problems with the way that your billing adjustments are calculated.


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