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Important Things You Must Know About Tombstones In Charleston SC

The charm of Charleston is best expressed when you are able to see the grave markers of those who have been interred there. If you happen to be in Charleston during the late spring or early summer, it will be very important for you to pay to visit them to the several historical markers which were put up not just by Charlestonians, but also by people from far off places. There are people from far-off countries including those from Germany, Australia, and the Philippines that are proud to put tombstones in Charleston. Here are some interesting facts about the different types of tombstones that can be seen in the city of Charleston.

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One of the most popular types of tombstones that are seen in Charleston is the angel stone which is believed to have been put up on the tomb of the Rev. Samuel Stone. The story goes that after Stone was buried underneath the surface of the ground, an angel showed up and lifted him up out of the ground and then he was given the opportunity to speak before he was sealed in the tomb. Among the things that the people believe that he had to say were about his desire to see his family again and how he wanted to see his family after his death.

Another type of stone that can be found in Charleston is one that is called the tombstone of liberty. This is the stone that is generally seen on the front yard of the house of John South Carolina. What is interesting about this tombstone is the story that has been associated with it. According to the legend, one day after being locked up by the British, the American pioneer John Hay went to freedom and searched for a place where he could get some fresh air. He ended up at the place called Smith’s creek, where he beheld a group of runaway slaves who were being forced to build a fence across the creek against the British.


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