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How To Cut Stones

Stone tiles created utilizing regular rock, marble, or limestone fill in as solid completions for ground surface, dividers and ledges. Their prevalent quality can make these tiles hard to cut, making electric wet saws the instrument of decision for ensuring flawless, smooth cuts. If you simply need two or three tiles or you don’t feel incredible using an electric saw, it’s possible to cut stone tile using standard hand devices, from standard tile youngsters to a sledge and etch. 

How to Cut Stone with Hand Tools - This Old House

Along these lines, go ahead and get your stone cutting apparatuses and read underneath: 

The Rock Hammer 

The quickest technique to diminish a colossal stone to more unobtrusive pieces is with a stone sledge. As clear as this sounds, various people slave over their saws two or three energetic blows from a stone sledge would deal with the work. Regardless of the way that pounding unpleasant doesn’t allow accurate command over the size pieces you get, it’s significantly more exact than the drop-it-off-a-slope methodology. If the stone you’re managing has a break, you can ordinarily break it along that line. 

Assemble Your Supplies 

Before you begin cutting into stone, guarantee you accumulate the very most ideal supplies. You can get an enormous bit of the accompanying at a close-by home improvement shop. In case you can’t find them at a hardware store, look on the web. 

You will require an etch just like an electric processor with a jewel slicing cutting edge to cut the stone. In case your endeavour is little, it very well may be more reasonable to lease the processor. 

You’ll require a stone artisan’s mallet (these resemble little heavy hammers). 

You will in like manner require security gear. You’ll require defensive goggles, a full face safeguard, and hearing security. You can get hearing insurance, which are ear muffs expected to close for all to hear sound from devices at most hardware stores. 


Since marble is a particularly fragile material, it will in general be questionable to cut if you don’t have the right sharp edge or enough water to keep the kerf freed from flotsam and jetsam that will create and make it harder to cut. Using a sharp edge expected to cut marble can be an essential angle to get the best results. 


One alternative to cutting stone tile with a wet saw is to make cuts using a manual hacksaw. Pick a hacksaw with tungsten carbide teeth, which are more ready to cut through hard stone than ordinary steel sharp edges. Use a straightedge and a pencil to check a cutting line on the tile, by then, score this line using a sharp utility blade. Put on your security glasses and use your hacksaw to steadily and intentionally cut through the tile along the scored line. Use sandpaper or a sanding stone to streamline unpleasant edges after you’ve gotten done cutting through the tile. 

Cutting a Kerf 

Cutting a kerf in the stone will give you more unmistakable control. A kerf is a shallow saw cut, by and large not exactly an inch down. You can make a kerf wherever you need it. Spot an etch or gigantic screwdriver in the kerf and give it a solid blow with the mallet. The stone will part in two under the kerf. While the strategy doesn’t by and large yield an ideal, straight split, it works outstandingly. 

I believe that these tips demonstrate significance as you work with your stone ventures.

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