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Disadvantages of Local and International Security Services

Individuals interested in personal security services also have the option of working through a local agency or going for a global agency. Those who work with local agencies are often confined to their locality but global agencies, on the other hand, have access to several countries. The advantage of hiring a local agency is the assurance of local cover everywhere you turn out in the world since local companies usually have local bases. However, there are several disadvantages that go with local service provision as well.

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Though you may be lucky enough to get local support, chances are remote that you would get timely support no matter where you are. There is not a central time frame for taking help from personal security companies other than 24 hours. This means that an emergency call will be answered by whichever personal security company is available at the time and you may be put on hold for days or weeks before you get answers to your concerns. A personal security company which is locally based may have to hire resources such as local police, magicians, and mind readers to answer calls and provide other services when they are not available locally.

Global agencies on the other hand offer personal security services with the help of several thousand physically armed personnel stationed across the globe. Such personnel are stationed in high-crime areas where street crime agents are deployed to deter criminal activities. Such personal security personnel have advanced knowledge about law enforcement tactics and the ways to subdue criminals using violence and discretion to disperse them. They can shoot criminals once they reach them, take them to custody, and deliver them to the legal authorities. Security guards also have access to nonlethal weapons to use against criminals who resist arrest.


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