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Condition of MBBS in Bangladesh after Coronavirus outbreak

Bangladesh is becoming a very sought-after destination for medical students in India, Nepal and some other countries. As more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh, the number of people applying in top medical colleges in the country is increasing.

Apart from the reasonable fees structure, the cost for basic items and necessities is also very less. So, this greatly reduces the overall cost of the education.

Here are some of the merits you enjoy while pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh:

  • MCI approved Medical Education provided.
  • Books and study materials are quite similar to India and many Indian authors are followed.
  • Tuition Fees of Medical Universities in Bangladesh is quite reasonable.
  • FMGG passing rate for MBBS is one of the highest in Bangladesh.
  • No entrance test is required to get admission.

One must qualify the NEET exams to apply for MBBS in Bangladesh. The country is a great option to pursue medical studies especially for the people in India, where affording private medical education is not easy.

What is the real condition for medical study in Bangladesh

Like most of the Asian countries, Bangladesh too has been affected by this Covid-29 pandemic situation but the Government of the country is doing commendable work to stop the situation from getting worse.

Meanwhile, medical colleges in Bangladesh are continuing the course syllabus quite effectively through online classes. Although one cannot ignore the obvious consequences of the outbreak and that is the reason why most of the colleges have been directed to postpone their examinations.

Bangladesh being a small country, is well managed by their Government who has taken some good steps to stop the virus from spreading heavily.

However, as of now, it is quite unclear what the future holds. So, our advise to you would be to just wait for sometime before taking this major decision in your life.

This is why if you are someone who is looking for a medical career via medical studies in Bangladesh then hiring one direction edu will be the best option for your aid.


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