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Buying Guide 101: Which Type Of Wedding Ring Metal Should You Choose?

Discovering the ideal metal for an engagement ring is simply as essential as the diamond or gemstone it will hold. Use our guide to metals to assist you to pick the perfect engagement ring for your bride.

It’s time to purchase an engagement ring– and there are so many aspects to consider. Selecting the metal alone is a more intricate choice than it utilized to be. Where it as soon as was a basic option between white and yellow, now you have a whole variety of possibilities to consider, consisting of:

Wedding Ring Metal

What’s the distinction between white gold and platinum?

What exactly is increased gold?

How do more recent, alternative metals popular in guys’ wedding event rings, like titanium and tungsten carbide, enhance gold and platinum in engagement rings?

Take it one action at a time– starting with the type of metal– and you’ll end up with a ring that suits her design and that she’ll treasure forever. Utilize this as your guide to the various kinds of metals readily available for ring settings. And click here and see the Wedding Rings for Women from Australia’s finest engagement and wedding rings. 


Our most popular option for wedding and engagement rings due to its solidity, rarity and naturally white shine that will never ever fade or change colour. Our platinum rings are 95% pure, which suggests they are heavy, strong and naturally hypo-allergenic. The very best choice if you have the spending plan for a prestigious ring that will last you a lifetime.


Palladium is a white rare-earth element and part of the platinum group of metals, popular for its natural white colour which does not require or stain re-plating. It’s budget-friendly in contrast to Platinum and is great low maintenance, long-lasting metal.

Yellow Gold

Gold has generally been the most popular metal for engagement rings and wedding event bands, with a history of use going back to Ancient Greece and Rome.

Numerous different types of gold are used in wedding event bands and engagement rings, with yellow gold the most standard. Other popular types of gold utilized for engagement rings and wedding bands include white gold and increased gold, which we’ve taken a look at below.

Even today, several centuries after it initially entered use, yellow gold is one of the most popular females and males’ wedding band metals.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding event bands, engagement rings, and other fashion jewellery aren’t made out of pure gold. Instead, all of the gold utilized for wedding bands and engagement rings is integrated with other metals to create an alloy.

White Gold

White gold, which is made from a mix of pure gold and metals such as silver, palladium, and nickel, has a gorgeous shine and a classy white colour.

Historically, yellow gold has been a more popular metal for females and guy’s wedding event bands than white gold. White gold has become much more popular over the last years and is currently the most popular type of gold for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Like yellow gold, white gold comes in a range of pureness levels (karats), with 14K and 18K the most typical.


Growing significantly popular for men’s rings, titanium was as soon as utilized for industrial applications. Titanium requires no additional care to keep it looking as beautiful as it did on your wedding day. Titanium wedding rings can not be sized, so ensure you have the proper size when ordering and keep in mind you can’t resize it even in the event of finger size changes.


Tungsten is the most long-lasting metal and is 4 times more powerful than titanium. This pure element revolutionized the world in 1904 when it was used in lightbulbs to change carbon-filament lamps and it has transformed wedding bands. Simply like titanium, no additional upkeep is needed for tungsten wedding event bands because of the metal’s firmness.


It’s made out of titanium carbide, which is a tough product that is still very light. Ceramic is more recent to the jewellery market, so designs may be a bit more restricted compared to other metals.

Stainless Steel.

If you want a strong ring however don’t desire to break the bank, stainless steel is an excellent option. In terms of resizing, some jewellers might not be able to resize stainless steel due to the fact that they do not have the appropriate equipment to modify the metal.

Which Wedding Event Ring Metal To Choose?

Each wedding ring metal provides various qualities, however, the decision of which metal to select for your wedding event ring is entirely down to individual choice and budget plan. We would recommend attempting and going to a jeweller on different kinds of wedding event rings to see what you feel comfy with both in regards to design and weight (specifically if you aren’t utilized to using rings).

Be sure to see how it sits with your engagement ring and ultimately how it looks on your wedding event finger.


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