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An Integrative M95 Masks Shop Review

n95 mask shop

A few days ago I was talking to a fellow worker that uses an N95 mask in his line of work. In the past he had mentioned to me about all the money that he was saving by not bringing the machine on site to the job. The money that he was saving on the fuel and the operating cost per day was more than enough to cover the cost of the machine and put him back in the black financially. If we are going to have to invest in respiratory equipment like this, then we need to make sure that it is the right one for the job or it just won’t matter what we are doing, because it is just waste of money.


The guy was a bit more than my head and also told me a little bit about the other N95 masks that he was using at work, including some really nice ones. When I brought up the N95 dust mask we had used previously, he said that it was a really good product but that he was only using it a few times because it really didn’t do a good job. Well, I wasn’t impressed with his reasoning behind it, but then again, he did use the machine quite a few times every week so I guess that he wasn’t satisfied with the first one that we got.


After talking to the fellow worker I decided that I would give his line of work a try and see if I could find an N95 mask that worked better than the one he was holding. I went about looking for different styles online, and while I really didn’t see any significant differences between them, I still wasn’t very happy. I decided that it might be best to try something out of the box, especially considering the fact that the office that I work at will probably have a free N95 mask available for customers who show proof of valid insurance coverage in the workplace.

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