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All About Wood Rings

Is A Wooden Ring Right For You

A wooden ring is possibly an excellent option for anyone looking to incorporate natural charm into their ring. The great variation in colour and grain pattern in between wood species (and even among the very same species!) suffices to make one seriously consider wearing a piece of wood on their finger.

However, there are some drawbacks that ought to be thought about before deciding to consist of wood in your ring. Looking for Whisky Barrel type of  Rings? We’ve got the information for you! Just read here.


Choosing a wooden ring can be an environmentally friendly option, especially when made from a tree branch, scrap wood, and recycled precious metals.

As discussed above, there is an incredible variety of wood types to pick from, with all sorts of grain patterns and colours.

Having the alternative to integrate your own piece of wood into a Casavir design adds a meaningful touch, particularly if the wood is sourced from a tree or item that holds a unique place in your heart.


While rings made totally of wood have ended up being more feasible recently (due to new techniques in manufacturing them, i.e., bentwood rings), the apparent drawback to an all-wood ring is the added care that must be given to ensure that it lasts for several years.

Not quite as much care is required when using a ring that has actually the wood inlaid into a metal core, however, any precious jewellery that incorporates a natural material needs to be treated with extra care.

What About The Cons Of Wooden Wedding Bands?

The greatest con to these bewitching rings is that they will require unique care to remain in excellent condition for years to come (see unique care pointers below). Wooden wedding rings can not be resized either – however, the good news is that they are budget-friendly to replace if your ring size modifications down the road.

The environmental and ethical advantages of wood rings can be lost if the rings are made with gold, platinum, gemstones or diamonds that have actually not been acquired through ethical or environmentally friendly resources – and if the rings are made with woods that have not been gotten through sustainable ways.

Best Woods For Wooden Wedding Rings

The very best woods for rings are hardwoods. These consist of oak, ash, hickory, birch, sandalwood, eucalyptus, maple, apple-wood, aspen, cherry, dogwood, elm, poplar, and walnut. Each of these woods has lovely grain styles – and even unique special meanings – which may assist couples to select the ideal wood for their rings.

Endangered woods that are worthy of a note of care for couples looking for environmentally friendly wood rings include Brazil-wood, Spanish Cedar, Madagascar Ebony, sandalwood, mahogany and rosewood. If you find a ring made with any of these woods, please ensure the wood has actually been gathered through sustainable means (like from branches that have fallen on the ground).

Wooden Rings Are Different

Traditional metal rings have one strong advantage over wooden rings. Metal is simply more powerful than wood.

There are some things that you can do to make your wood rings more powerful. If you start using some or all of these approaches, you will make more powerful rings that will last longer.

You desire to make sure that when you provide someone with a ring, they get something that will be long lasting. Here is what you do to make your rings stronger, and there is undoubtedly a minimum of one approach that you can start working with right now …

Can I Buy Wood Engagement Rings?

Although it is not a typical choice, wooden engagement rings are really distinct and stunning. Numerous often sport a diamond or gemstone and can be used together with a wood wedding ring. A wood engagement ring is a non-conventional choice and makes a terrific alternative to the conventional diamond ring.

Our Wood Rings Long-Lasting?

A wood ring is not indestructible, but neither is it as vulnerable as some people tend to believe. Any ring, whether made of wood or metal, has the potential to bend or break. The design of the wood ring style in addition to the chosen wood impacts the total sturdiness of the ring, but in basic, wooden wedding and engagement rings are hard and strong enough to use daily as long as they are given reasonable care.

The majority of wood overlay and inlay rings are a hundred per cent waterproof due to the resin that is utilized to seal the wood, while bentwood rings are extremely water-resistant but not rather waterproof. The polish and resin utilized in the woods increase their resistance to bumps and scratches.

What Maintenance Is Needed?

Depending on the type of ring and wood utilized, there may be unique requirements for maintenance. For example, inlay wood rings normally simply require a good tidy with a polishing fabric to keep the shine and appeal of the ring, whereas bentwood rings might require finishing more regularly. However, there are some general tips to follow for all types of wooden rings.

If submerged for long periods of time in the water, the majority of wood rings are not waterproof and may get water damage. It is suggested to take off your wood ring when doing the washing up, swimming, engaging and showering in any water-related activities. However, some individuals never take their wooden rings off in these situations and have had no damage to take place to their rings.

Keep the rings safe from tough knocks, bumps and effects of any sort. This can chip the wood or trigger unpleasant damages and scratches

Wood Inlay Rings Versus Bentwood Rings

The easiest method to compare a wooden inlay ring to a bentwood ring is, to begin with, a definition of both. We’ll talk about the production and techniques and durability of each design.

  • Wood Inlay Ring: Metal ring, with wood inlaid within the metal.
  • Bentwood Ring: Solid wood rings, with wood strips wrapped around a cylinder.

How Are Wood Inlay Rings Made?

Wood inlay rings are made by taking a metal core, taking the centre, and then inlaying a strip of wood through the centre of the ring. Wood inlay rings are generally constructed out of tungsten, ceramic, or titanium.

The Resilience Of Wood Inlay Rings & Bentwood Rings

  • Durability

You do not have to browse extremely hard to discover a jewellery expert who claims their rings are indestructible. Both bentwood rings and wood inlay rings are incredibly long-lasting.

  • Wood Inlay rings

Enhanced by the host metal (ceramic, tungsten, titanium, etc.) Due to the resin, they are 100% waterproof The resin also secures it from bumps against tough surfaces

  • Bentwood rings

Some people leave their rings on while swimming, without issues Typically resistant to bumps against difficult surface areas, depending on the wood. Any knicks can be fixed more easily (being wood, not metal).

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