What Is An Eternity Ring

Similar to an Infinity Ring in appearance. A diamond is the most common gemstone used in Eternity Rings, which are made up of a band of precious metal. The two types are the full eternity ring and the half eternity ring. In contrast to the “half” style, which only sets stones halfway around the band, a “full” eternity ring displays stones all the way around the band.

The word “eternity” evokes ideas like endlessness, unending possibility, and the absence of time. This is why, for nearly 4000 years, eternity rings are a part of the history of jewellery as a symbol of eternal love as well as a promise of one life partner to another.

One of the most heartfelt tokens of affection is a piece of jewellery, and the ancient Egyptians were the first to give their wives amulets as a symbol of their love.

At what point do you present an eternity band? To begin, let’s define what we mean by “eternity ring.”

Types of Eternity Ring

This ring, worn by women and meant to represent eternal love, goes by several names, including “infinity ring” and “promise ring.” The most common type of infinity ring features a band made of precious metal (typically gold) set with a row of continuous gemstones (typically diamonds). The two most common kinds of eternity rings are:

Full Eternity Ring

A band of diamonds or other gems would wrap around this infinity ring invisibly. The complete circumference of the ring is covered in diamonds of the same cut, giving these rings a more luxurious appearance and making them more popular than half-eternity rings. Full eternity rings are therefore the more expensive option.

Half Eternity Ring

Diamonds are only set along the upper half of this band. Full eternity rings are often described as impractical because of their weight and the risk of snagging on objects. In addition to being the more wallet-friendly option, the total carat weight and precious metal type used to craft this band are the two primary factors in determining its final price.

In many cultures, the round shape of eternity rings is seen as the most symbol of everlasting love, making them the ideal romantic gift for a spouse or life partner.

When Should You Purchase an Eternity Ring?

After a couple has tied the knot, the man will typically present the woman with an eternity ring. You can offer them to the happy couple on your wedding anniversary, or for any other event that you think should be remembered with a gift. A new baby is one example, but any event that brings two people closer together is cause for celebration.

The modern meaning of eternity rings, however, often involves commemorating a special event or anniversary with the gift of an infinity ring. It’s claimed that this gesture represents not just the time they’ve already spent together but also the time that will continue to be spent together in the endless future.

Traditional jewellery etiquette suggests that gemstones were not meant to be presented until the 40th anniversary, at which point a ruby gemstone might be an appropriate gift if you’re wondering when and how to gift an eternity band in terms of anniversaries.

So, the customary date for giving a diamond eternity ring is the 60th anniversary. On the other hand, a more contemporary view would have you gift your spouse an eternity ring on the tenth anniversary of your wedding, or on the anniversary of marriage.

If this is the route you take, it’s recommended that you coordinate the eternity ring with the rest of your bridal jewellery.

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