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5 Roof Repair Tips

Have you noticed that your roof is not looking as sturdy as it should? Even if there are no visible signs of damage, if you notice your roof leaking during the rain, then it’s time to fix it. Roof repair (and replacement), however, can be costly; here are 5 simple roof repair tips to understand what needs fixing and how to do it yourself:

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1. Preventative roof maintenance will save you money


One of the most important roof repair tips is also one of the simplest: regular inspections by a specialist (or DIY). If damaged sections are spotted early on, they can be fixed before they weaken or worsen. Specialists recommend inspecting roofs at least twice each year — once in the fall after the summer heat has subsided, and once in the spring to identify any damage that occurred during winter.


Regular inspections also give you a good idea of what immediate repairs may be required as well as what needs fixing over time. This can save on repair costs as it will not require as much work as repairing serious damages immediately, where more extensive repairs would be required.


2. Visual inspection and simple tools are enough for some roof repair work


Some roof damage is easy to see: if your roof starts leaking during the rain, then you need to fix it. This is one of the simplest roof repair tips that can save you money – if most of your roof is fine but there are just one or two parts that are getting damaged too quickly, then they can be replaced instead of an entire roof replacement.


If you have pitched roofs, look at them from ground level and check for sagging between rafters. Flat roofs should also be checked along their length as well as across for cracks in tiles or membrane sheets. Holes can be patched up temporarily using a waterproof sealant, but this will only work until more extensive permanent repairs are made later on — not recommended as a long-term solution.


3. Common roofing jobs can save time and money


While it might seem like more expensive options will always save on costs, in the long run, this is not always true. Repairing smaller sections of many roofs can be cheaper than repairing one section alone; as well as being quicker than fixing several parts individually.


One example of this is a flat roof: if all membrane sheets have been damaged, it may be cheaper to replace the entire roof because so many will need replacing. 


4. Fixing slates and tiles should always wait until after winter


This roof repair tip may seem like an obvious one: fix your roof before winter comes around! Many roofs suffer damage and leaks during the wet and windy months (especially in coastal regions) which should always be fixed before winter strikes.


However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should do all your roof repair work at once: fix the worst ones and continue to monitor other areas during the cold months, then finish them once spring arrives. This saves on labour costs as well as materials (if these are required), and also means that if there is still some damage, it will be less likely to worsen over the colder months when such repairs can’t take place.


5. A new roof can be cheaper than you think

As stated, roof repairs can sometimes end up costing more money than you originally expected; this is especially true if you need to replace larger parts of the roof, or if the damage has been caused by something completely out of your control (like bad weather). If there are still some minor repairs to be done after the winter, these may also prove costly as they will take time and involve high labour costs. However, one roof repair tip that might help is that replacing an entire section of membrane is usually cheaper than having separate sections repaired throughout winter — especially now that just buying one sheet will cost significantly more than it used to.


Replacing all damaged sheets at once saves on costs because your roofer just needs to come out once to finish the job. This is more of a long-term roof repair tip than one for busy homeowners, but it’s something to think about if you’re looking at making bigger repairs shortly. For best roof repairs in Melbourne, click now.


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